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Dental Implants

Are you ready for a natural-looking smile? Feel the confidence and freedom of Dental Implants.

Each year, more people choose to enhance their smile by replacing missing or decaying teeth with Dental Implants. Patients struggling with the loss of their teeth may feel more self-confident after choosing to have their teeth replaced with Dental Implants. Also, patients may have a restored ability to eat and speak naturally. Dental Implants are an exciting option for all ages and most situations, giving patients a lifetime of confidence in their appearance. Dental Implants are prosthetic teeth embedded into the jawbone with a small titanium screw, which serves as a high-tech “root” for the new prosthetic teeth. Implants become integrated into the jawbone and are a compatible foundation to secure single-tooth Crowns, Dentures, or Bridges.

At The Gallery Dental Centre, our experienced and skilled team use the highest quality materials and surgical equipment available. After an examination of your mouth and jawbone, they will select the most appropriate implant system for your situation.

During the consultation, we assess the suitability of Implants using x-rays and possibly a CT scan. If you are a candidate for Implants, we schedule an appointment for a titanium screw to be embedded into your jawbone. After several months, the tooth will be attached to the titanium screw.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental Implants look and feel natural, giving you confidence and restoring your natural smile. They eliminate the discomfort of ordinary dentures and Bridges and stay in place while eating and speaking. Dental Implants will never decay and are ideal for active lifestyles.
Dental Implants can also treat secondary problems. Patients with missing teeth are often limited in the types of foods they can consume, leading to poor nutrition. Patients with missing teeth also experience a misaligned bite, which could lead to jaw complications in the future. These challenges can be mitigated with fully functional and properly aligned Dental Implants.

Single Tooth Implant

Dental Implants can be added as a single tooth implant for patients who would like a gap filled. Implants blend in with surrounding teeth and function as a normal tooth. They are typically long-lasting and do not require any additional treatment to surrounding teeth, making them a preferred option over Bridges.

Implant Retained Dentures

Patients who have lost a number of teeth in a row may choose implant retained dentures. By holding the denture in place with the Implants, dentures are more securely attached and less likely to slip or rub against the gums. Just like traditional dentures, implant retained dentures can be removed for cleaning.
The procedure for adding implant retained dentures involves inserting Dental Implants into the jawbone, which will act as a future foundation for the dentures. After a period of healing, new dentures will be fitted. Temporary dentures will be provided during the time between your procedure and when you are ready for your new dentures.

Bone Grafts

Our surgeon can also replace bone lost by a previous tooth extraction. These procedures range from Bone Grafts to sinus lift procedures.
Restore your smile, confidence, and health with Dental Implants.

Contact us at The Gallery Dental Centre or call on 0118 9351 505 to book your dental implant consultation.

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