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1. How do I book an appointment?

Call or Email the practice

2. Are you currently taking on new patients?

NO for NHS and (Alzin is the only one taking on new patients) Private only

3. Which treatments do you provide for Cosmetic Dentistry?

Smile make over, Invisalign, six month smile, bonding, implants

4. Who is suitable for Dental Implants?

Someone with good oral hygiene and health with no signs of gym disease. must have a full exam and consultation with xrays.

5. Which Facial Aesthetics services do you offer?

Botox but we will also soon be offering fillers and non surgical face lifts

6. At what age can I bring my child to see the Paediatric Dentist?

As soon as they start to get teeth coming through, or if you are concerned that they are not coming through.

7. What does the Smile Makeover include?

Full consultation, x-rays if needed, check up and then a full treatment plan of what the dentist can recommend with the vision you have for the final look.

8. Is Teeth Whitening safe?

Yes, if you have this done with a registered dentist. You must have an up to date check you so the dentist can make sure your oral health and gyms are in a good condition, minimal fillings.

9. How often do veneers need to be replaced?

Each person can vary. But about every 15 years.

10. Do you offer any Finance Options?

Yes we do. But the amount for borrowing must be above £500.

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