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The Gallery Dental Centre of Excellence: Price Guide

Whether you are a new or an existing patient we would like to thank you for choosing THE GALLERY. We are the most highly trained dentists who use the most advanced techniques to bring you excellence in dentistry. Our prices reflect the high standards and satisfaction we achieve for patients. Please see below for a small selection of our treatments:

Routine Consultation and Examination (current patient)
(Inc. oral cancer screening, soft tissue exam, dietary advice & oral hygiene advice, optional cosmetic consultation, periodontal screening, joint examination & written estimate of any suggested treatment)
Student Examination
Student examinations for full-time education 19-25-year-olds
Hygiene Therapy
(Full ultrasonic scale and polish, fresh breath & hygiene advice)
New Patient Examination and Treatment Plan
Including all necessary x-rays
(New patients emergency appointments include new patient examination £85 plus cost of any treatment done during this appointment)
Small X-Rays (each radiograph)
Composite fillings
(Tooth coloured to appear completely natural)
Small from £150
Medium from £180
Large from £220
Root Canal Therapy
(Complete Inc. X-rays)
from £463
from £180
(Highly aesthetic, tooth coloured, of the highest quality)
from £650
Single Denture (Upper or Lower Denture)
from £650
Sports Mouth Guard
from £125
Administration Fee
(passport forms etc.)
Dental Implant
from £2500
from £2995
Six Month Smiles (Braces)
Free Consultation to Discuss Treatment and Costs
from £125 per area
Tooth Whitening (Customised Trays)
Extra Gel

Due to the nature of dentistry, fees may vary according to the ease or difficulty of each individual procedure.
You will be provided with a written treatment plan following an examination with our Dentists outlining all treatment and an estimate for any costs involved.

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