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Dental Emergencies

Accidents are always unexpected. However, when they do occur, and they affect your teeth and mouth, seek immediate professional dental care in order to assess the extent of the situation, to prevent further damage and to avoid possible costly restoration in the future.

We understand dental emergencies can occur at any time and we provide same day emergency care. We try as much as possible to give swift attention to our patients involved in dental emergencies.

We offer treatments for the following dental emergencies:

  • Swollen teeth or infection
  • Broken dentures
  • Loose or knocked-out teeth
  • Orthodontic emergencies such as a loose bracket or wire
  • Toothaches in children or adults
  • Broken Crowns
  • Chipped teeth

We also cover dental emergencies that may not have been stated above.

We do our best to treat the emergency and relieve you of any pain. We also provide advice on home treatments to use during dental emergencies.

It is important you contact us as soon as the situation occurs so we can provide the most applicable treatment promptly.

In the case of an emergency, call us on 0118 9351 505 to book an appointment.

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