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Top 10 Ways To Kick Your Sugar Habit


You might already be aware of the health advantages of consuming less sugar, as well as the fact that sugar is a fantastic source of food for the bacteria that can lead to dental disease. Here are 10 ways to break your sugar habit. If you can minimise the quantity of sugar you consume, you dramatically reduce your risk of dental disease.

1 – Eat regularly

Consume three balanced meals and two healthy snacks daily to prevent your blood sugar levels from plummeting sharply. You’ll gravitate more toward junk food and sugary snacks as your hunger increases.

2- Eat less processed food and be ‘label aware’

Pick unprocessed, natural foods whenever possible. Real food is perishable and fresh. Branded, packaged food is frequently processed and has hidden or added sugars. Watch out for unrecognised sources of sugar, such as honey, fruit juice, maltodextrin, and sucrose. When listing ingredients on food labels, manufacturers may use a variety of sugars in modest quantities.

3 – Choose your breakfast wisely

High starch and added sugar breakfasts will just cause cravings later in the day as your blood sugar rises and falls. Eggs, lipids, and whole grains (whole oats, whole wheat, and brown rice) can give you slow-release energy while helping you feel satiated longer.

4 – Fruit, not fruit juice

Whole fruit’s fibre content aids in balancing its sugar load. Juices and smoothies either entirely or partially remove the fibre, exposing us to high fructose levels that increase blood sugar. In case you’re thirsty, stick to water.

5 – Using spices to add natural sweetness

To give meals a natural sweetness, use spices and herbs. To satisfy cravings, season your food with nutmeg, cinnamon, or coriander.

6 – Keep yourself busy

To give meals a natural sweetness, use spices and herbs. To satisfy cravings, season your food with nutmeg, cinnamon, or coriander.

7 – Get enough physical exercise

Your ability to respond to insulin is improved by exercise, which lowers blood sugar. You can improve your body’s capacity to burn food as fuel and minimise fat by gaining muscular mass.

8 – Get enough sleep

We may be tempted to utilise sugar as an energy boost when we are tired. Try to get enough sleep. Examine the sources of any stress or emotional problems that may be causing you to turn to junk food for solace.

9 – Change your buying habits

Keep junk food and sweet snacks away from the kitchen and workplace. When temptation strikes, you won’t have access to it then. When you’re hungry, try unsalted nuts and seeds and entire fruits.

10 – Drink, Drink, drink… Water that is!

You will be less likely to turn to sugar-filled juices or fizzy drinks to satiate your thirst if you stay hydrated and drink enough of water.


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