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The Growth In Adult Orthodontic Treatment


Many UK dentistry practises have observed an increase in individuals seeking private orthodontic treatment in recent years.

Around 80% of them are aged 26-55. Although most of us associate dental braces with teenagers, this appears to be changing.

This growth may have several causes, which we will examine momentarily. As a result of the broader selection of discreet orthodontic treatments available at Blue Sky Dental, our local Chelmsford patients can now enjoy an even smile without the shame of a highly visible appliance.

Social media and reality TV

Love Island and its associated social media content undoubtedly influenced some younger adults. Seeing a cast with nearly perfect teeth may inspire some to research their own potential. Those who are pleased with the results can share their new grin on social media, reaching a larger audience.

The fact that not only the females but even the males on this show have fantastic grins may explain some of the increase in males seeking this treatment. Not so long ago, a man who wanted his teeth straightened for cosmetic reasons would have been mocked by his male acquaintances. Men are more inclined to take pride in their appearance, as seen by the growth in spending on male grooming items.


We are perhaps more conscious than ever of the importance of mental health and the factors that influence it. One is our self-perception. If we think we are ugly or unappealing, we may portray that attitude to others. This won’t earn us any new friends and may make us feel more alone and maybe depressed.

People tend to judge us fast, and our smile is one of the first things they notice, so having a uniform smile, possibly enhanced by teeth whitening, can help us get off to a great start. Invisalign or the Six Month Smile has provided many of our Chelmsford patients a new lease of life.

New braces

As previously stated, the reality that braces no longer have to be visible metal makes people more inclined to seek this treatment. The old wire and bracket approach is still used in some fast acting orthodontics, such as the Six Month Smile, although the materials are more refined and tooth coloured. Others, like Invisalign, employ a series of clear trays to replace the braces. We need to examine you to determine the best method for you, and we are still providing 50% off orthodontic evaluations.

Oral health

While most people seek teeth straightening treatments for aesthetic reasons, even teeth are good for your oral health. Because teeth are no longer overlapping or squeezed tightly together, cleaning between teeth, where dental decay and gum disease commonly begin, is much easier. Even with evenly spaced teeth, this area should be cleaned using dental floss. Brushing alone isn’t enough to maintain a healthy mouth.

Whatever your dental issue, Blue Sky Dental in Chelmsford can help. We provide a variety of orthodontic procedures to address various issues. We can help you get a new smile in the most convenient and efficient way possible by assessing your teeth.

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