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Drinking Water and Healthy Teeth


It is no secret that drinking plenty of water has many health benefits. It can improve our skin, energy, mood, and digestion. It is less commonly known that drinking plenty of water is also good for your teeth.
Here we look at the reasons why drinking water helps keep your teeth healthy.

Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth. Water contains fluoride, either naturally or artificially. This means that drinking water is a fantastic way of strengthening your teeth. Fluoride is a natural mineral, so combining plain water with a good fluoride toothpaste will provide strength and protection for your teeth.

Food and drink consumed throughout the day leave sugar and acid on the enamel of your teeth and in the crevices. This forms bacteria that can damage the tooth enamel. Drinking a glass of water after each meal will help wash away and dislodge food from your teeth, therefore reducing the build-up of bacteria. The water will dilute the acid in your mouth and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Fizzy water will not have the same effect, so be sure to use still, unflavoured water. Fruit juices and energy drinks are full of sugar or sweeteners, and highly acidic, so they should be avoided.


A dry mouth is not pleasant. A lack of saliva can be harmful to your teeth as a dry mouth leaves them at risk of acid build-up and tooth decay. Drinking lots of water will increase the saliva production in your mouth and add protection to your teeth. Saliva plays a key part in washing away leftover food from your teeth. Water is the best way to stay hydrated, so it should always be your go-to whenever you are thirsty.

No sugar, fat, or calories
Water contains nothing bad for you. Sugar, acid, fat, and calories all hide away in the food and drink we consume daily. Water has no secret or harmful ingredients. It is meat-free, gluten-free, and guilt-free! There are many hidden calories and sugars in fizzy drinks and fruit drinks. Even smoothies can be crammed with calories. Water is the best and healthiest refreshment. It will not coat your teeth with unwanted contaminants, and it will not lead to weight gain.

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