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Advantages of Using a Private Dentist


Private dentists tend to offer more extensive treatment plans, meaning that you can receive more comprehensive treatments and also receive them sooner. This means that you will be in a much better state to enjoy your summer and your holiday. Private dentists are able to provide you with quick dental care, meaning that you can get help with minor dental problems or problems immediately and the services are usually much more affordable than those provided by NHS dentists. In addition to being able to treat you with more comprehensive and more cost-effective services, you may find that private dentists can be more flexible and can allow you to take extra days off work to receive treatment.


The difference between NHS and private dentistry

One big advantage of having your teeth done at a private dentist is that you will be fully covered by the NHS. If you are having any treatment that requires an overnight stay in the hospital, this will be covered. But the NHS will not be paying for your teeth to be fixed. Private dentists can help you access dental treatments that might not be on offer at the dentist you see at the local hospital. These could be services like whitening or veneers. Not all private dentists are the same. Private dentists will usually provide a comprehensive service to their patients. You might see a dentist for cleaning and x-rays but a dentist with a much more extensive service will also be able to give you cosmetic work, crowns and dentures.


Using a private dentist can help you get the treatment you need

This is why a private dentist can be so beneficial to those who don’t have NHS dental insurance, as they have the ability to offer the kind of treatment that only a dental nurse can provide. NHS dentists will use their primary skills to address dental problems, but they are only able to offer a limited range of treatment. A private dentist can offer a wider range of treatments, whether they are medical or dental related, in order to help you with a variety of issues. Cuts, root canals and fillings can all be performed by NHS dentists but these can take a long time to complete and can sometimes be quite expensive.



With a private dentist, you’ll have access to quality treatment at a more affordable price, especially if you’re travelling. You’ll have your teeth in tip-top condition with minimal costs associated with dental care.

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