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Paediatric Services

Our paediatric patients and their families are very important to our practice. Prevention and education are a collaborative effort between the parents, children and our team. We believe good oral dental hygiene starts in the early years.

Our experienced staff are patient and strive to make our young patients comfortable and relaxed during their visit. We understand children often feel intimidated by the dentist and dental equipment, but we put them at ease and show them a visit to the dentist can be a positive experience.

At The Gallery Dental Centre, our dentists use entertaining approaches to make your child feel comfortable before treatment. Our dental hygienists recommend products and practices to improve your child’s oral health.

Children are treated for free if the NHS covers them, but not all treatments are available to NHS patients. We are happy to discuss your unique situation with you and provide several flexible payment options for treatment.

Your child’s oral health is very important to us and we can help you monitor your child’s dental hygiene and establish good oral health habits that last a lifetime.

To schedule your child’s appointment, please call on 01189 251 505, or click here.

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